Pantalla Led Interior 2.9mm


  • Pixel pitch: 2,9 mm
  • Resolution: 168 x 168 pixel/panel
  • Module size: 250mm x 250mm
  • Panel size: 500mm x 500mm x 75mm
  • Panel weight: 8kg
  • Weight per m²: 32kg por m²
  • Cooling: natural airflow(fan less design)
  • Refresh: 3.840Hz
  • Viewing angle: H: 110°,V: 100°

Key Benefits

  1. Extremely close view distance and wide view angle.
  2. Silent operation, little heat generated (no fans).
  3. Standard panel design makes stocking, transportation, construction, spare parts and maintenance easy and simple.
  4. Lightweight and seamless, precision extruded aluminum section structure.
  5. Real white, brilliant colors, breathtaking grayscale.

Ideal For

  • Theater and Arts
  • TV Shows
  • Car Shows

Easy maintenanceThe modules are completely assembled into cabinet by magnet, available to dismantle from either front or rear side. All control components are integrated as a“Hot-Swap” which is attached to cabinet backside to allow movable in emergent maintenance.

Good cooling performanceSpecial module design with shutter at back guarantees this LR-PRO 2,9 good cooling performance.

Extremely BlackThe deepest black body LEDs with deepest basalt black surface, plus the new design advanced light trap louver, guarantees a perfect exceptional picture quality in all circumstances.

High contrast ratio of 4,000:1

Seamless and LightweightStructure made of precision extruded aluminum, intelligent interlocking system allows it truly seamless, quick-lock mechanisms makes the rapid set up and dismantle in a few seconds.

Weight including structure and cables is only 8kg/panel, 32kg/sqm, which is ideal for setup and teardown as well as economical crating and transport.

Advanced video processing, breathtaking grayscaleProvides 16 bit image processing for 281 trillion colors resulting in a crystal-clear picture with true-to-life color reproduction. Vibrant images, with a tight selection of LEDs to get uniform colors across the entire display surface, detailed image with smooth motion reproduction, the color triangle of LR-PRO is actually much wider than normal.

Standard design & Standard componentsThis LR-PRO series design with the standard size of 500mmx500mmx75mm panels and standard size of 250mmx250mm modules, uses industry-standard power and signal interconnects to reduce display downtime and replacement costs.

  • Configuración Pixel 3-en-1 de cuerpo negro SMD “BlackFace”
  • Pitch Física 2,9mm
  • Densidad de píxeles 11.2896 Pixels / m² 28.224Pixels / Panel
  • Dimensiones del módulo (W x H) 250mm x 250mm
  • Nº de módulos por panel (W x H) 2 x 2
  • Módulo Resolución Física (W x H) 84 x 84
  • Paneles Dimensiones (W x H x D) 500mm x 500mm x 75mm
  • Panel Resolución Física (W x H) 168 x 168
  • Peso por Grupo 8kg
  • Peso por m 2 32kg / m 2
  • Brillo 1,200nits
  • Ángulo de visión H: 110 grados V: 100 grados
  • Relación de contraste 4000: 1
  • Consumo de energía (max)180w / Panel
  • Consumo de energía medio 90w / Panel
  • Tratamiento De color 281 billones de colores
  • Método de conducción 1/16 Scan
  • Frecuencia de actualización 600-3000Hz
  • Expectativa de vida útil del LED 50,000hrs
  • Clasificación IP Solo en interiores
  • Max Stacking 16 Paneles
  • Colgantes Max 20 Paneles
  • Servicio Delantera Magnetic y trasera (Frente: Herramienta necesaria)


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