Procesador Digital Sabine NAV-360


  • DSP based system processor that functions as a loudspeaker controller for production audio, matrix mixer for commercial audio, and signal router for distributed audio
  • Full programming available via front-panel control, or via remote Windows software, with real-time control available via serial controllers, including Crestron, AMX and Cue
  • Six bands of parametric, shelving or high- and low-pass EQ per input and output
  • Eight filters of FBX Feedback Exterminator per input
  • Multiple types of crossovers with a choice of three filter types, with presets and slopes up to 48dB per octave
  • Gain, compressor and limiter available on each input and output
  • Digital delay for aligning speakers
  • On-board storage for thirty setups
  • Multiple security levels, both when using software and the front panel
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